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April 4, 2019

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

A quantifier is a word or phrase which is used before a noun to indicate the amount or quantity:

Quantifiers can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns.


  • There are some books on the desk.
  • He’s got only a few dollars.
  • How much money have you got?
  • There is a large quantity of vegetables in this garden.
  • She’s got more friends than her brother.

Types of quantifiers:

With Uncountable Nouns:With both:With Countable Nouns:
  • much
  • a little / little / very little
  • a bit (of)
  • a great deal of
  • a large amount of
  • a large quantity of
  • all
  • enough
  • more/most
  • less/least
  • no/none
  • not any
  • some
  • any
  • a lot of
  • lots of
  • plenty of
  • many
  • a few/few/very few **
  • a number (of)
  • several
  • a large number of
  • a great number of
  • a majority of
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