Your most important duty in learning English

April 4, 2016

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

Your most important duty in learning English.

  • It’s not learning vocabulary, although that is important.
  • It’s not learning grammar, although that is also important.
  • Pronunciation? No, that is important but……

Inner Resistance

Your main duty in language learning is to break your inner resistance.

In our lives, even though we may enjoy what we are doing, there come times when some part of us wants to stop. We suddenly feel like quitting and resistant and don’t want to do what we feel needs to be done. We may keep forcing ourselves, but it soon becomes to hard to fight the tugging feelings. We may complete our tasks but in turn, we hate that we had to make ourselves do them, much the way our parents and teachers forced us to do things when we were young.

This inner resistance most commonly occurs when we are physically, mentally, and / or emotionally drained because….

  1. you don’t like what you are doing and continue to force yourself, or….
  2. you like what you are doing, but tend to overdue yourself.

You cruise along for awhile, pushing yourself through, thinking that you are getting a lot completed, until you feel like have just hit a wall and just can’t get focused or think straight. You feel like dropping to your knees and yell “I give up”.

I find when this happens to me, what I try to do is let myself get frustrated, yell, scream. The next step is the most important, to deal with the inner resistance. Walk away from what you were doing before. I like to go on a walk with my dog. When I return back to my duties my mind is clear and mentally I feel like a computer that freezes and after you hit refresh things are back to normal.

If you find though, that these feelings of resistance seem to reoccur quiet often this may be a sign that something in your schedule or duties needs to be changed or eliminated.

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