10 Tips to Learn English Quickly*

10 Tips to Learn English Quickly

April 4, 2016

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

How do you learn English quickly?

I am asked this question quite often. I live and teach English in Indonesia and I have heard this question many times. There are usually different reasons why the rush is involved, but the case remains that the individual sees that they need to learn English fast so that they can go to university or get a promotion at work.

Of course, its best not to wait until 2 months before your interview to think about this.

Can I learn English in 2 or 3 months? Yes. It takes commitment and desire to learn English. If you want to learn English you have to set your mind and focus on that.

So, how can you do it?

How can you improve fast?

What do I recommend for this kind of goal?

Recommended Tips

1: Take a deep breath and speak!

The more you think about speaking, the more nervous you will become. Just try speaking more, one word at a time. Think of how a child learns to speak. Start with one word and and next time increase that to 2 words and so on… In a short time you will notice that you have increased your vocabulary and understanding. You have achieved a step closer to total fluency.

2: Don’t apologize for not knowing everything or “Not speaking English!”

You are learning English…. I suggest when you begin to feel that you are failing with English just remember, that you are trying, right? That’s the most important. Never say I don’t speak English. Instead say: I am learning English.

3: Stop translating everything, word for word, to your native language. I recommend for you to stop.

Translating everything is slowing down your progress.

4: Train your ears to understand. You need to focus and listen.

Train your ears to listen for words you know in English. Don’t focus on grammar or single words. Focus on phrases. Listen to English movies, music, and TV.

5: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Fear can stop you from learning English. Stop being afraid to speak English! You need to let go of your fear and relax. Trust in yourself.

6: Keep trying. Don’t give up.

Professional athletes practice a lot. They weren’t born professional athletes.They had to work very hard and for a long time before becoming good athletes. You won’t be able to speak English fluently tomorrow or even next month. Over time if you put in the effort and commit yourself, you will become comfortable and gain the knowledge and experience needed t become fluent. Believe in your abilities, believe in yourself.

7:  Keep a journal or notebook and write down important phrases.

You will always find the time needed to refresh or remind yourself of what to say or how to say something.Having a journal , you will have the whole phrase instead of one word.

8: Stop negative thinking.

Avoid saying or thinking negative things (e.g. “I will never learn English”, “English is so difficult”). If you say these things to yourself, then you will have more difficulty to learn English.

“If you believe you can, then you can but if you believe you cannot, then you cannot” – Douglas Shaw

9: Set achievable goals.

Know why you are learning English. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to speak English fluently? Do you need to have the ability of English at the office? Do you want to study at university in The United States?

Think about why you are learning English and set some achievable goals. Do not set goals that will push you and cause you to give up.

10: Try something new.

Have you been trying to learn English the same way for the last year? Three years? or more? Try something new!

Find an English speaking friend, listen to music in English, watch TV in English, Join an online English course (https://abcenglishcourse.com).

Change is good for you, it will help you grow.

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