Tenses & Timelines: Continuous Form-Future*

Tenses & timelines: Future Continuous

April 4, 2019

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

The future continuous tense is actually present continuous with the added future time (e.g. next week / tomorrow). Use for an action that will be happening for a length of time in the future. (I will be doing):

Future Cont

The future continuous is often used to ask about and discuss future arrangements or plans with just the addition of a future time, but only use it when these arrangements are certain.


  • What are you doing next week? I’m traveling to Paris.
  • What’s she doing tomorrow? She’s singing in the choir.

Use of will be doing in a sentence is often referred to as the true future continuous. It is used to talk about activities that will be happening at a particular time or over a particular time in the future.


  • Next week, we will be having a company party. Can you come?

The future continuous can also be used in the present continuous form to talk about future plans


  • We will be leaving for the office at 8:00 p.m.
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