April 4, 2019

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

Questions, a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information. 

There are two types of questions.

  1. yes/no questions
  2. information questions.

Question words: also known as “wh” – question words.

Question wordMeaninge.g.
whopersonWho’s that? That’s Michael.
whatobject, idea, actionWhat do you do? I am a teacher.
whentimeWhen is your flight? At 7 am
whereplaceWhere do you live? In Jakarta.
whyreasonWhy do you walk? I need the exercise.
howmannerHow will you go to the airport? By bus.
whichchoiceWhich dress do you prefer? The blue one.
whosepossessionWhose is this phone? It’s hers.
whomobject of the verbWhom did you meet? I met Celine Dion.
what kinddescriptionWhat kind of music do you like? I like Jazz.
what timetimeWhat time did you arrive? At 6 pm
 how many quantity(countable)How many students are there? There are twenty.
 how muchamount(uncountable)How much does this phone cost? $200 dollars.
 how longduration, lengthHow long was your flight to Indonesia? It was 22 hours long.
 how oftenfrequencyHow often do you go to Singapore? Once a month.
 how far distance How far is it to your office? It’s 10 kilometers.
how oldageHow old are you? I am 29.
how comereasonHow come you are late?

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