Yes/No Questions*

Yes/No Questions

April 4, 2019

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

Yes/No questions, are questions whose answer is either yes or no:


The (verb – subject- object) formula is used to form yes/no questions.


AffirmativeYes/No question
They are AmericanAre they American?
The food is goodIs the food good?


1: If the main verb is “to be”, swap the subject and the verb “to be”.


  • They are American – Are they American?

2: If the sentence has a main verb and another or auxiliary verb, swap the subject and the first auxiliary verb.


  • They are visiting Jakarta. – Are they visiting Jakarta?

3: If the sentence has a verb which is not the verb “to be” and doesn’t include an auxiliary verb, the forming is more complex.

a: If the verb is present tense, add either “do or does” and put the main verb in its main form.


  • do: If the subject is the first, second person (singular) and  first, second, third person (plural – I, you, we, they) .

e.g. I like chocolate. – Do you like chocolate?

  • does: If the subject is the third person (singular – he, she, it).

e.g. She hates football. – Does she hate football?

b: If the verb is past tense, add “did” and put the main verb in its main form.


  • They did  their homework. – Did they do their homework?