a shortened word is a Contraction

April 4, 2019

Native English Instructor

Written by Douglas Shaw

A contraction is a word made by shortening and combining two words.


  • I’ve – I have 
  • can’t – can not.

By using the apostrophe (‘) in place of any letters that are in the original word, but not that are part of the contraction.


  • aren’t (are not) as you can see the “o” is not in the contraction.

Common Contractions:

aren’tare nothe’llhe will
can’t can nothe’s he is; he has
couldn’tcould notI’dI had; I would
didn’tdid notI’llI will
doesn’tdoes notI’mI am
don’t do notI’veI have
hadn’thad notisn’tis not
hasn’thas notlet’s let us
haven’thave notmightn’tmight not
he’dhe had ; he wouldmustn’tmust not
she’dshe had; she wouldshouldn’tshould not
she’llshe willthat’sthat is; that has
she’sshe is; she hasthere’sthere is; there has
they’dthey had; they wouldwho’llwho will
they’llthey willwon’twill not
they’rethey arewouldn’twould not
they’vethey haveyou’dyou had; you would
we’dwe had; we wouldyou’llyou will
we’rewe areyou’reyou are
we’vewe haveyou’veyou have
weren’twere not  
what’llwhat will  
what’rewhat are  
what’swhat is; what has  
what’vewhat have  
where’swhere is; where has  
who’dwho had; who would