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  • Learn English online.
  • Hear like a native speaker.
  • Speak like a native speaker.

Le us help you improve your ability and speak like a native speaker (in three months).

ABC English Course offers you the best way to learn English.

Do you fit in one of these situations?

  • I cannot speak English.
  • I am afraid to say anything wrong.
  • I want to study English online, but it is very difficult.
  • I don’t have time in my day to take a course.

How can ABC English Course features help you master the English language.

  • use high – quality resources.
  • discover English using your unique abilities.
  • gain confidence with your skills.
  • choose the best time to learn English online – morning or afternoon.
  • learn English from the comforts of home or wherever you are.
  • and have fun doing it…..

The structure of our courses.

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Thematic lessons

This is the way of teaching and learning, putting all parts of learning into a subject. It helps students to use their own knowledge. It builds creative ideas and it builds more confidence.

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Native speakers

Ultimate Online English courses have native teachers providing guidance and instruction to help you. Lessons are in a realistic way; you can study English online via Skype or Hangouts.

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Active learning

Each course focuses on active learning; students are engaging in the learning process. They might be grappling with the lesson material by working on problems. They are processing what they are learning.

Why should you learn English?

English is a global language spoken by over a billion people around the world, of course this figure is continuing to grow. You probably have some prior knowledge of the English language already, but we are here to help you improve, stay motivated and ensure that you feel confident when having a conversation in English.

Learn English Online

Want to learn English online. Right now?

Wake up!

Turn on your computer.

Now you’re ready to study English online.

You don’t need to change out of your pajamas. You don’t even need to get out of bed.

Don’t worry, you can use your cellphone, tablet or laptop.

All you need is an internet connection, Skype, a little time and the desire to study English online.

Well, you might already know that there are many courses to learn English online.

They can be expensive, though, and often take a lot of time.

Most of these courses, students don’t interact with a real teacher.

But a different kind of learning is becoming popular.

Study English online using Skype or Hangouts.

Ultimate Online English | ABC English Course provides this service.

It’s your ticket to reputable, online English courses anytime, anywhere.

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What are Ultimate Online English Courses?

Ultimate Online English Courses, are centering around you, coupled with teamwork giving you the ultimate learning experience to study English online.

We do understand there are many ways to learn English, the best being with a native speaker.

With the proper guidance, you can learn English online and become fluent in three months time.

Balancing schedules is the hardest part of any program, usually there is not enough time in the day, be that as it may. Ultimate Online English courses provide flexibility, convenience, study English online, and professional native teachers.

We designed our courses with your schedule in mind.

You can choose…..

  • the course you want.
  • the time – morning or afternoon.
  • the length of the course – one to six months.
  • Skype or Hangouts – the classes are on Skype or Hangouts through a group call with students around the globe.

Our Services

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Standard 20 Package

20 sessions to learn English in General, Business, Preparation courses.

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Standard 30 Package

30 sessions to learn English in General, Business, Conversation skills, Preparation courses.

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Intensive 40 Package

40 sessions to learn English in General, Business, Conversation skills, Preparation courses.

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Grammar in Practice

Excellent free resource to learn English grammar. Immediate access for students.

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The Reading Corner

Study English using Insights, ideas, and stories.